1st Southern California Mechanics Workshop

Organizers:  Prof. Shengqiang Cai (UCSD), Prof. Lihua Jin (UCLA), Prof. Qiming Wang (USC)

Southern California Mechanics Workshop is a one-day workshop, aiming to facilitate idea-exchange and collaborations among different mechanics research groups from southern California and other areas of the US. The workshop will be composed of three invited talks and multiple short sound bites (5 to 6 mins each).

The 1st Southern California Mechanics Workshop will take place at University of California, San Diego on Jan 18th, 2020. The workshop welcomes contributions to sound bites of any topics related to mechanics research. The workshop will be free to all the attendees and lunch will be provided. Please register by clicking the following link. The registration will be closed on Jan 11th, 2020. 


The program can be downloaded here:

Invited speakers are:
Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya
Howell N. Tyson, Sr. Professor of Mechanics
Professor of Materials Science;
Vice Provost
California Institute of Technology

Prof. Roger Ghanam
Gordon S. Marshall Professor of Engineering Technology and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
and Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Southern California

Prof. Marc Meyers
Distinguished Professor
Nanoengineering Department
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
Materials Science and Engineering Program,
University of California, San Diego