Coexistenc of different variants in a phase-transforming and switchable metamaterial

Ridge instability
Ridge instability

Ridge instability formed in plastic film/elastic substrate bilayer structures by stretching and unloading

Stretchable carbon nanotube network
Stretchable carbon nanotube network

Molecular simulation for a carbon nanotube network after cyclic stretching


Coexistenc of different variants in a phase-transforming and switchable metamaterial

About The Lab

Soft materials are capable of large deformation, and have mechanical properties comparable to those of biological tissues. Recent developments in soft materials are enabling the rise of soft robotics, stretchable electronics, and biomechatronics. These new fields are profoundly altering the interactions between human beings and machines. Through the integration of analytical modeling, computational simulation and experiment, our group aims to investigate the fundamental physics and mechanics of soft materials, such as their constitutive relation, nonlinear deformation, instability, and fracture. On the other hand, our group strives to develop new materials, structures, and functions for soft robotics and stretchable electronics.

Recent News

06/2021 Welcome our new undergraduate group members Scott Cao, Damian Meza, Mateen Rabbani and Dehao Lin

06/2021 Congratulate Yuzhen for passing the defense!

06/2021 Our group is highlighted in an article in UCLA Magazine

05/2021 Prof Jin delivered an invited talk in IUTAM symposium Mechanics of Smart and Tough Gels

04/2021 Prof Jin delivered invited talks at University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Connecticut

03/2021, Prof Jin and Yu presented in the Virtual American Physical Society March Meeting (APS).

09/2020, Prof Jin and Yuzhen presented in the Virtual Technology Meeting of Society of Engineering Science (SES).

07/2020, Welcome our new group members, Boliang, Shivam and Chen!

06/2020, Professor Lihua Jin is selected for UCLA Faculty Career Development Award.

01/2020, Professor Lihua Jin organized the 1st Southern California Mechanics Workshop. Yuzhen, Yu and Tianzhen presented in the workshop.

12/2019, Congratulate Yu for passing the qualifying exam!

12/2019, Professor Lihua Jin presented an invited talk in ‎2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit.

Publication Highlights 

'Direct probing the fracture behavior of ultrathin polymeric films' published in ACS Polymer Au

'Reusable energy-absorbing architected materials harnessing snapping-back buckling of wide hyperelastic columns' published in Advanced Functional Materials

‘From continuous to snapping-back buckling: a post-buckling analysis for hyperelastic columns under axial compression’ published in International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics

‘Hydrolysis-induced large swelling of polyacrylamide hydrogels’ published in Soft Matter

‘Blueprinting Photothermal Shape-Morphing of Liquid Crystal Elastomers’ published in Advanced Materials

‘Dynamic Ag-N bond enhanced stretchable conductor for transparent and self-healing electronic skin’ published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

‘Snapping-back buckling of wide hyperelastic columns’, published in Extreme Mechanics Letters

‘Soft phototactic swimmer based on self-sustained hydrogel oscillator’published in Science Robotics

‘Programmable granular metamaterials for reusable energy absorption’ published in Advanced Functional Materials

‘Elastocapillary crease’ published in Physical Review Letters

‘Strain- and strain rate-invariant conductance in a stretchable and compressible 3D conducting polymer foam’ published in Matter