Group News

04/2021 Prof Jin delivered invited talks at University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Connecticut

03/2021, Prof Jin and Yu presented in the Virtual American Physical Society March Meeting (APS).

09/2020, Prof Jin and Yuzhen presented in the Virtual Technology Meeting of Society of Engineering Science (SES).

07/2020, Welcome our new group members, Boliang, Shivam and Chen!

06/2020, Professor Lihua Jin is selected for UCLA Faculty Career Development Award.

01/2020, Professor Lihua Jin organized the 1st Southern California Mechanics Workshop. Yuzhen, Yu and Tianzhen presented in the workshop.

12/2019, Congratulate Yu for passing the qualifying exam!

12/2019, Professor Lihua Jin presented an invited talk in ‎2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit.

11/2019, Yuzhen presented his work in 2019 ASME's International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

10/2019, Professor Lihua Jin presented an invited talk in ‎Soft Matter Symposium 2019 at University of Florida, and was selected for the travel award.

08/2019, Our group is awarded an NSF grant from the Mechanics of Materials and Structures program. Thanks for the support!

08/2019, Yuzhen is selected for the Haythornthwaite Student Travel Award to go to 2019 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition. Congratulations!

07/2019, Welcome our new visiting undergraduate, Haiqian.

06/2019, Professor Lihua Jin is selected as a 2019-20 Hellman Fellow.

06/2019, Masato is selected for the 2019 MAE Outstanding TA Award. Congratulations!

06/2019, Congratulate Yu for passing the preliminary exam.

12/2018, MSM lab hosted six CEED freshmen to work on a research project of fabricating soft actuators, under the supervision of Yuzhen. Read more.

12/2018, Professor Lihua Jin delivered an invited talk at California Institute of Technology.

11/2018, Professor Lihua Jin receives the 2018 Extreme Mechanics Letters Young Investigator Award

Extreme Mechanics Letters announced that MAE Assistant Professor Lihua Jin was a recepient of the 2018 Extreme Mechanics Letters Young Investigator Award.

Lihua Jin was selected based on her paper ‘Geometric role in designing pneumatically actuated pattern-transforming metamaterials’, published in Extreme Mechanics Letters Volume 23 (2018), pp. 55 – 65, first authored by the PhD student Yuzhen Chen.

Extreme Mechanics Letters publishes rapid communication of research that highlight the role of mechanics in multi-disciplinary areas across materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering; with an emphasis on the impact, depth and originality of new concepts, methods and observations at the forefront of applied sciences.

11/2018, Yuzhen presented two talks in 2018 ASME's International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

10/2018, Welcome our new group members Mikela, Yu, Fumika, Rohan, Yuhong and Tianzhen!

08/2018, Professor Lihua Jin delivered an invited talk in and became a member of Center for Minimally Invasive Therapeutics at UCLA.

06/2018, Professor Lihua Jin presented and organized a symposium in US National Congress for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2018.

03/2018, Yuzhen, Chen and Professor Lihua Jin presented in APS March Meeting. Lihua organized an invited session in APS March Meeting.

12/2017, Professor Lihua Jin was featured by UCLA  Institute for Digital Research and EducationUCLA Newsroom, and UCLA Samueli Newsroom.

12/2017, Congratulate Yuzhen for passing the qualifying exam!

11/2017, Congratulate Pengcheng for passing the qualifying exam!

10/2017, Welcome our new PhD student Masato Koizumi, and new visiting student Weikang Xian.

05/2017, Professor Lihua Jin was awarded the Faculty Research Grant from UCLA.

04/2017, Professor Lihua Jin delivered an invited talk at University of Nevada, Reno.

02/2017, Welcome our new postdoc Dr Chen Xuan!

01/2017, Professor Lihua Jin delivered invited talks at Fudan Univeristy, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Tongji University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

11/2016, Professor Lihua Jin receives 2016 Haythornthwaite Young Investigator Award

Professor Lihua Jin received the 2016 Haythornthwaite Young Investigator Award. With funding from the Robert M. and Mary Haythornthwaite Foundation, the Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division of ASME established the Haythornthwaite Research Initiation Grant Program, targeting university faculty engaged in research in theoretical and applied mechanics that are at the beginning of their academic careers. This year Professor Lihua Jin’s proposal on mechanics of photo-responsive hydrogels was selected as one of the top four proposals for the Haythornthwaite Research Initiation Grants, and is awarded at the amount of $20,000. Robert Haythornthwaite was the founder and first President of the American Academy of Mechanics.

11/2016, Professor Lihua Jin becomes a member of the Community Board of the journal Materials Horizons

Materials Horizons is a premier journal publishing first reports of exceptional significance across the breadth of materials research. It is an innovative, community-focused, dynamic journal with an impact factor 9.095. The journal features research at the cutting-edge interface of materials science with chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. For more details of the community board, please see